Branding video  My every day - Olivier Schimmel

Client: Esprit /

Director / Director of Photography / Editing: Roeland Bentvelzen

Artist/model: Olivier Schimmel

Marketing Esprit: Swave Scymzcyk

Sponsor branded aftermovie      

Client: Canna

Camera: Roeland Bentvelzen

Concept/Producer: Thiemo van Dam       Facilitaire Productie: Motion Media

Regie: Rien Bexkens                             Montage: Remco Stoppelenburg

Branding video  My every day - PYN

Client: Esprit /

Director / Director of Photography / Editing: Roeland Bentvelzen

Artist/model: PYN

Marketing Esprit: Kinou van den Burg

EIGEN - Branding/Mood/Impression  

Camera and editing: Roeland Bentvelzen

Client: Petra Hart/Eigen

Branded content video  Max Factor - Idols finale

Production company: Tiny Riot! / Anneleen Walch

Camera: Roeland Bentvelzen

Director: Gregory Edelenbos