C A M E R A :


-Sony FS7 4K camera

-4x XQD 128GB

-4x V-lock battery with charger

-Sachtler V18 tripod

-Samyang Prime Lenskit: 14mm T3.1

                                            24mm T1.5

                                            35mm T1.5

                                            50mm T1.5

                                            85mm T1.5

                                           135mm T2.2 
-Tilta Nucleus-M Focus/Iris/Zoom Remote (met één motor)
-Also other Prime, Macro, Fisheye and Zoom lenses available

-Tilta MB-T03 swingaway Mattebox

-Multiple 4x4 contrast and FX filters.


V I D E O :

-2x Vaxis video transmitter/receiver kit

-SmallHD 5 inch Monitor 

-Portkeys 7 inch Monitor


C O M M U N I C A T I O N :

-3x Headset


L I G H T I N G :


-1x Arri 300W fresnel 3200K

-2x Arri 650W fresnel 3200K

-1x Arri 800W open face with Chimera softbox 3200K

-1x LED panel 1x1ft

-1x Ringlight 1,5x1,5ft 5600K Fluorescent on stand

-3x Softlight panel 5600K Fluorescent


A U D I O :


(I always recommend using a sound recordist when a production needs audio recording)

-Rode NTG-2  mic. 

-Sennheiser SK 100 G3 audio transmitter and receiver