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I have been to Abbey Road Studio's (Studio 2)


We went to the legendary Abbey Road Studio's for recordings directed and produced by Plugged Live Shows. I'm shooting a documentary on this special exclusive project that they are working on. It's an honor to work in a

studio where the greatest of musicians have worked on their recordings.

Koga commercial shoot with the RZR Films buggy

Koga commercial shoot with the RZR Films buggy

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

For FabriQ Media Group we shot a Koga e-bike commercial featuring

one of their pretty and speedy bikes.

To capture the speedy action we used the buggy from RZR Films.

It was my first time working with RZR's beauty and I must say I had

a Wonderfull time pulling focus from one of the back seats.

All four seats are equiped with at least one TVLogic and the service and craft of the rigging/grip/driver team is fantastic. On the picture above f.l.t.r.
Bart de Haan (driver/grip), Roeland Bentvelzen (AC), Goof de Koning (DP),

Erik Eijgenstein (dir.), Jeroen de Haan (rigging/tech).

Premium content shoot Sauna De Heuvelrug

Spending a lot of time in sauna's these day's all thanks to director Cas Lebbink (Filmakers NL). This time we when for the beauty's in Sauna De Heuvelrug. Premium content shot in 5K (RED Dragon)

We shot premium content with great models and the best hamam and massage specialists of the sauna.

Our crew, we had gaffer Stijn Jonkhart and AC Daan Kramer. Just great! 

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

Shooting the short film Esthectic (Esthectisch)

The short is about a young artist troubled by society and the way he 

needs to find to make a living using his art and services to clients and 

their wishes.

In the film we dive into the artists mind to show his struggle. Doing so

we created a unique look for these scenes to contrast with the real world.

Written and directed by Manouk Moreau and accompanied by a small

crew we shot this film in five days time.

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

Robot arm and AR-tech at AWL with the Filmakers

For promotional videos on tech expo's AWL needed video content of their new robot arms and their trick and magic with AR technology.

With the Filmakers crew we shot a number of very sexy cinematic robot

shots that made us, as well as our customer very happy.

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

For the Koning Willem I award we grabbed the camera and an Array Sky

Panel and drove from interview to interview. The ladies from Strawberry Earth directed, I shot and Just Posthumus was our boom operator.
Jolly good company, jolly good interviews, jolly good people.

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

All by myself on the A1 highway's reversible lane

For Vialis in Houten, Vancas creates a film on their work for the A1 reversible lane. 
 For this film I was asked to shoot video on the highway, the reversible lane, and at the Rijkswaterstaat Traffic center van in Velsen-Zuid. 
Also we shot interviews with the director and involved specialists at Vialis in Houten.
Thanks to Rijkswaterstaat we were able to shoot great footage on a complete empty reversible lane, safely.

hellooshop logo

Again a great collaboration with Trancon. Together with general director Jurgen Tegel we created a video campaign to promote HellooShop
The app developed by Trancon works like a cash register that works with your warehouse or stock, purchases, different shop locations all in one.

It gives great insight to the business owner and speeds up all the


Alpine A110 at concours d'elegance

This year we shot several old Alpine models. The highlight was the new A110 model. With producer Vincent Duijverman (Dors & Lesser) and director Job Kuizenga we shot the most beautiful shots of those Alpine beauty's.

behind the scenes feature film sunset contract dop focus puller

Sunset Contract

For IndiePend Pictures we shot the feature film Sunset Contract.

Shot in Croatia in the summer of 2015. The film is currently in post.

Director Marc Conen shot the movie with DP Goof de Koning whom I

was pulling focus for. I've worked on a lot of productions with Goof

before and it's always good to work with this man on set.

Sunset Contract features Peter Nicholas, Paris Jefferson and 

Anna Nightingale.


Our Beixo commercial on Adformatie

Adformatie ( recently put our Chainless Friday commercial for Beixo on their Adfobase.

behind the scenes curacao shoot cameraman

Curacao with Trancon

With Trancon director, Jurgen Tegel, I spend a week at one of their clients on Curacao, EWT. We shot for multiple products; web content for EWT and a testimonial video for Trancon.

tokio tokyo skyline


Last April I spend a full two weeks in Tokyo, Japan. With a small team 

from We Are The Night we shot a spectacular documentaire.
I can not spill the details but yes, the sushi was good and the hotelroom

bathtubs a bit small. 


A new music video project with Arjen Anthony Lucassen

With both directing and post production in the hands of Julius Horsthuis

this project is heavily fractal based. Julius has a long career as VFX Supervisor behind him and is now working as an artist working on his fractal projects around the world. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 12.33.22.png

My appearance in the newspaper [Stadsblad]

With the online release of our music film Do Not Sing To Me, My Beauty
Dutch newspaper, Stadsblad wrote an article about me as the cameraman

of this award winning project.

Dhaka, Bangladesh trip with CreaBea for Chain Fashion


For a corporate movie we visited Chain Fashions TEB factory in the 

capital of Bangladesh. I shot great shots and saw Manny colours in the

company of Barry van Oostrom (CreaBea) and Robin Ackeroyd (Chain Fashion)

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

The cast and most of the crew at the premiere of the classical music film

Do Not Sing To Me, My Beauty.

The film premiered at Klassiek op het Amstelveld Festival in Amsterdam

and will start it's appearance-tour on multiple festivals from now on.

Underwater test-shoot

We just had the lift-off.. or dive-in of our project Do Not Sing To Me, My Beauty, a music film with soprano Leatitia Gerards.
Off to Scotland with Jaja Filmproductions after a very promising underwater test shoot at
And we’ll be taking model Nina Kollof (redhead for the occasion) with us. This pictures was taken by the director of the film Marieta Landkroon

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

Shooting a short film in four days time with the Jix Jib

For the short film by Ebba Stoppelenburg we spend two days in a studio to

capture most of the main story's scene's. The other two days were spend on in-scene TV scene's and exterior shots. During the studio days we had the Jix Jib from Maloney Amsterdam. This eased and sped up the production nicely. We could place the camera everywhere, like above the bed to have topshots of the main cast (Max Carless and Marjoke Plijnaer) but also on paces were a tripod would not be able to stand.

Also it gave us so much flexibility that helps out creatively but was also 

effective when shooting a scene with a child that moved unpredictably.

The production is wrapped and in post production at the moment. Updates 

will be made here.

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

The last of the Appeltje van Oranje films is in the can.

With Filmakers I shot numerous films on the nominees for the Appeltje van Oranje. An Award handed out bij The Oranje Foundation (Oranjefonds). Each nominee's activities and goals are highlighted in their film. Just now we shot the last one and it happened to involve running (sports) activities as well, and so it happend that (me and) our boom operator Maarten Tielemans are both marathoners. As a real Strava Nerd I recorded our activities on Strava. Also collaborating with director Anna van Schijndel for the first time in years was a nice chance to catch up.

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

Pulling focus with the new Nucleus-M remote focus

On a leader shoot for an online series of video by Rabobank called Reken Maar, I used the new Nucleus-M remote. A compact, affordable kit and with 

the wireless receiver built in the focus motor seem as very good pros.

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

Testing this Hyperion Boroscope for POM (the great)

The short film Pom (the great) dives deep in the mind of a young bullied
boy. DP Erwan van Buuren and director Jonas Klinkenbijl came up with the
idea of using a boroscope to shoot the boys subjective shots and such.
We were testing the boroscope on the Arri Amira in a testing bay of Camalot, Amsterdam.

electric love festival 2017 backstage live studio

ELF 2017 Live Stream from Saltzburg, Austria.

Electronic Love Festival live stream multicam with We Are The Night.

behind the scenes albert heijn commercial

AH - Appie Today - Ik ken dit niet

Together with producer Jaro Gevers and production company Big Shots we

shot the first three episodes of Ik ken dit niet. 
An online show about strange foods created for Albert Heijns online channel Appie Today. The three-camera-show on which I'm employed as

Director of Photography is directed by Eefje Suikerbuik

behind the scenes greenscreen studio commercial


Flow is a marketing and sales application that works with all kinds of

data and combine;s that to give insight to the user.

With Hectic Electric we shot the action for a Flow promotional video.

Currently in post at Hectic, director Reinier Reijnhout is overseeing this cool visual project.


making of camerawork NTR shoot leader klassiek viert de zomer

Leader shoot NTR Klassiek Viert de Zomer

rtl television televisie logo totally fit kidz telekids

All throughout The Netherlands for Ondernemen Doen We Zo

With journalist and host Jolien van den Elsakker we're visiting businesses throughout The Netherlands for the RTL 7 program Ondernemen Doen We Zo. Here we are on the 12th floor at Ordina in Nieuwegein for this Stims Media production.

For the NTR program Klassiek viert de zomer I shot the program leader directed by René Gast. With host Floris Kortie and producers Linda en Leanne (NTR) we shot beautiful images that really add to the musical and travel-feel of the program..

kuwait oil refinery site van oord

Kuwait with Van Vlier Media for Van Oord

For a solid foundation to build Kuwaits largest oil refinery, Van Oord has finished preperations on a huge piece of land. To showcase the results 

of this project we shot overviews of the site, the ceremony that celebrated 

a new fase; the building and interviews with Van Oord's finest and some 

oil sjeiks. Director/producer Christiaan Kanis and I were put to the test of

enduring 50 degree Celsius.

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